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This community seems to have stagnated a tad, but it's a great idea and, i hope, will provide motivation for me to make progress with my writing and drawing. They're activities that merit a time slot in my day.

so hello, to you all, if any of you are still active.
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Doing rubbish on my own plan. But I was half factoring in having nothing to do for a week or so.

Read some Prometia and Ex Machina, so I guess that covers reading
Draw something - not done any. Keep meaning to
Writing - Same thing, but I have a few things planned
Watch Something - Watched new simpsons/american dad/family guy/prison break/sliders/Hollyoaks/English Naruto/ So I think i'm doing ok on that side of things! I should really get a prison break review up for TCO because its bloody amazing. It will be next years LOST, but a bit less huge. (There is a high chance C4 will put it in Oz's Slot like a bunch of tards though)

Watched the aristocrats too, its pretty good, though it lacks EVERYONE telling the joke, which is a real shame, because they skipped some great comedians.
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