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Sep. 15th, 2005 | 01:28 am
music: Soc
posted by: xyon81 in better_daily

Doing rubbish on my own plan. But I was half factoring in having nothing to do for a week or so.

Read some Prometia and Ex Machina, so I guess that covers reading
Draw something - not done any. Keep meaning to
Writing - Same thing, but I have a few things planned
Watch Something - Watched new simpsons/american dad/family guy/prison break/sliders/Hollyoaks/English Naruto/ So I think i'm doing ok on that side of things! I should really get a prison break review up for TCO because its bloody amazing. It will be next years LOST, but a bit less huge. (There is a high chance C4 will put it in Oz's Slot like a bunch of tards though)

Watched the aristocrats too, its pretty good, though it lacks EVERYONE telling the joke, which is a real shame, because they skipped some great comedians.

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(no subject)

from: right_track
date: Oct. 28th, 2006 03:53 am (UTC)

My name is Molly. I don't know you at all but I'm really excited about a new group I've started. The problem is that I can't find anyone who I think would join so now I'm just searching for people interested in healthful TV dinner’s. The group is explained in the group info area. I hope that if you're interested in contributing you'll join up and tell a few of your TV dinner loving friends about it!


I’m sending this out to a lot of people, mostly members of diet and health groups, because I am trying to diet myself and I really need the support. I’m sure that most of you have struggled with your weight and can relate to that absolute desperate desire to have someone on your team. Most weight loss plans advise that you keep a log of what you eat and so that is exactly what I’m doing with this group. Writing down the WW point values of my meals, taking pictures of them, reviewing them… basically I’m trying to make this whole process a little less boring. I hope to see you in the group, enjoying it as I plan to do.
Thanks for your time,

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