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Better Daily

A Daily Plan to improving yourself

Self Improvement, A Daily plan to a better you
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Better Daily is a daily plan to a better you, it gives you a check list of all the things you mean to do each day but never get round to, but if this plan is done regularly you should see an improvement.
The format is stolen from a lot of diet plans, but I like the basic idea of it.

Each day there are five things you should do, these should take too long each and won't take away your day.

1 - Read a chapter of a book,
any book, everyone means to read the classics and never gets round to it, or if you are like me you start a book and never finish. If you read a chapter a day eventually it will break down the book and you will find you've made your way through. Comics and Graphic novels are fine too. Post the name of the book you are reading too. Maybe tell us how it’s going - put spoilers with a warning and cut

2 - Draw something,
anything even if you are doing shitty doodles each day if you draw the same object, you will see a marked improvement. This can take as long as you like, it can be a 5second sketch or an hour long painting. It would be awesome if people uploaded pictures at some point too.

3 - Watch/Listen to something new.
I presume you have the internet, or a TV. Watch something new that you wouldn't necessarily watch, broaden your horizons. Maybe listen to a new radio show. Or even to the radio at all. Discover a new band.

4 - Write Something.
Write some of that book you have always meant to write. Write a review for a film you just watched. Write something creative in your livejournal. Again if people upload what they have written to here it would be a good tool to improvement and getting feedback.

5 - Once you done the other 4 - Do something you enjoy,
Watch TV, sit doing nothing. Take a bath, Eat a cake, go for a walk, doesn't matter just do something nice for yourself.

the secret 6th challenge!1111!!!
Occasionally if enough people start the plan, I will give some specific tasks. Such as "draw a man on a unicycle with 5heads and a giant sling shot" (maybe not that hard). Or recommend a book to start, or a film to watch, or band to listen to etc etc. This will count as double tasks and you have the option to only do that task and have it count as a full days betterness. Bonus points of you review the item as well. These will be done by a sticky post at the top of the community.

Each day post how many you did on the list, and maybe upload some of what you have done to show people. At the moment I would say try and get 2/3 done on each day with a little Leigh weigh depending on what you day has been like. Number 5 should be a reward so it doesn't really count as one of the tasks itself, but should still be done if you have done the rest of it.

All the pro anna/diet/weight etc etc interests are there simply to attract people to the plan, as I am sure the people who are interested in a daily diet plan may also be interested in this one too. This plan is more about improving the mind than the body however